Human Consciousness Is An Extension Of Divinity
Human Consciousness Is An Extension Of Divinity


Yoga Breath Therapy


A Natural Alternative To Conventional Psychotherapy



With each inhale we breathe spiritual energy - chi - kha - prana. Yoga breathing is pranayama - spiritual energy control. Breathing prana with the proper rhythms empties the mind of suppressed emotions and soothes the psyche.


Nicholas Jouvanis - Yoga Breath Therapist
Edison, New Jersey - Middlesex County

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When you understand the mind's foreign matter purging function a number of mental problems lose their mystery.


If you are on never-ending meds try yoga breath therapy. California psychiatrist Stanislav Grof includes yoga breath therapy in his practice. He couples it with shamanism and calls it holotropic breathwork.


Pharmaceutical drugs interfere with yoga breath therapy. You must be off meds at least 24 hours before your appointment.


My services are not covered by medical insurance. Learn yoga breath therapy here and take it home with you.


I provide complimentary PTSD therapy to U.S. army war veterans.