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The Clear SET

Manufactured by Vibranz Inc.

SET is an acronym for "subconscious emotional trauma".



These pendants are infused with zero point energies. They radiate into the body to activate the mind to move subconscious trauma up to our consciousness.

Hold a pendant in each hand, then speak this phrase: "Clear incoherent energy surrounding my [painful issue]."
In a few moments that issue's painful emotion will rise up from the subconscious to your consciousness. Embrace the emotion and express it. That will heal you.

Bring a list of your major upsets when you come for your appointment.
Some examples:
• Clear incoherent energy surrounding my childhood abandonment.
• Clear incoherent energy surrounding my husband betraying me.
• Clear incoherent energy surrounding my mother dieing.
• Clear incoherent energy surrounding my war experience.


Nicholas Jouvanis, B.S. - Yoga Breath Therapist

Edison, New Jersey, Middlesex County
Telephone: 1-732-248-9369

Yoga Breath Therapy
alternative therapy for neurosis
seizures, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression.